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FullOfCharm Makin Magic

"Merlin" is a Black Classic Tabby, born in January 2011. He is a very affectionate boy who loves any attention and his favourite pastimes include chasing butterflies around the yard, paddling in the bath tub and curling up on anyone's lap for a smooch and a snooze. He is a very active, solidly built boy and gives large, well boned kittens.

His father is Mooncats Storm Wind (Brown Classic Tabby)

His mother is Murtzcoons Sapphire Star (Blue Classic Tabby)


Monster Orbiting Moon

"Raven" is a Solid Black with White boy, born in February 2018.  Over The Top affectionate, no way you are getting out of his area without giving him a pat and a cuddle.  He is growing into a very big boy  :)  

His father is Wyecoon Prince Simba (Black Classic Tabby & White)

His mother is Monster DLite (Black Tortie Tabby)


Kingslee Park Sonic

"Sonic" is a Solid Blue boy, born in June 2022.  He is an extremely friendly big galoof who follows me around and is always up for smooches.  He is already a very large boned, long boy and his temperament is so kind.


His father is Kingslee Park Quassie Jnr (Solid Blue)


His mother is Kingslee Park Dalia (Blue Silver Classic Tabby & White)


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