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Contact Us

Preferred contact is via email - my email address is  

My phone number is  0458 130 444, however please note  as I am on a farm the mobile service can be very hit and miss and my phone is usually left in the house.

Thank you for your interest in our Maine Coons.  If you'd like to be included on the Contact List to receive litter announcement emails please send through some information about:

-  you

-  your family / household members

-  other pets / animals and whether they are inside or outside

-  whether you rent or own your home.  If it is a rental please advise whether you have permission from your landlord to have an indoor only cat

-  whether the cat will be indoor only or if you have a secure outdoor enclosure for the furbaby to play in

-  what sort of work do you do / hours you are home

-  any other information that may be relevant to you - eg have you owned a cat before, what has drawn you to the Maine Coon breed, are you prepared to be a cat slave, etc etc  :)  

Please note I do not announce, take deposits or put holds on bubs until they are over 5 weeks old and out of the "danger stage".  

Thank you again for your interest in our bubs.

My email address is

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